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Latvian Diabetes Federation has undertaken and successfully completed project “Development of LDF social rehabilitation services” in collaboration with the Norwegian Diabetes Association. This project was funded by governments of EEZ countries with support from EEZ Financial Mechanism and Latvia in framework of NGO Project measure and aimed to promote social inclusion and improve the quality of life for people at risk of social exclusion. To achieve this, a range of innovative social rehabilitation services have been developed for people with diabetes – children, adolescents and adults, including for persons with disabilities. A range of activities have been undertaken to inform, educate and promote participation of people at risk of social exclusion.

A social rehabilitation programme was implemented during the programme, during which 1192 people from the aforementioned target groups have received social worker, health care, including individual nutrition consultant and psychologist consultations. In addition, 1083 people have participated in educational and support seminars and workshops, and support groups have been established for 15 families of children with diabetes, including those with disabilities. 76 people participated in four social and work skills development workshops – two of which were targeted for adults, including retirement and pre-retirement age adults with disabilities, and two for adolescents and children, including persons with disabilities.

An innovative social service, psychologist home visits for persons with disabilities and limited mobility, has been undertaken during this programme. 28 persons with disabilities and limited mobility received 105 psychologist home visits.  In addition, a novel internet service “Online diabetes diary” has been launched in the LDF webpage . This will be an invaluable tool for people with diabetes for monitoring and controlling diabetes on a day to day basis.

25 members of LDF and 10 volunteers have been educated in the organisational governmental and local  decision making processes, an advocacy group consisting of three members has been established. During this programme, participation of LDF in international NGO networks and experience exchange with Norwegian and Slovenian diabetes associations has been facilitated.

The programme activities were implemented at a national level and were undertaken in all planning regions of Latvia, including the Latgale planning region.

The programme commenced from October 2014 till April 2016.


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